Why adopt a child?

On days like this, when one year old Sir Riel wakes up cranky and doesn’t stop whining all morning no matter what I do, I must admit I question my desire to have more children! At times like these, I take comfort in the possibility that multiple children will entertain each other so I can eat breakfast in peace. Hey, all you parents out there who are laughing at me, didn’t you ever dream about eating breakfast in peace just once? Once? Apparently that’s too much to ask.

Mr. Hempleseed and I want two kids. No magic reason. It’s sort of like having a favourite colour or prefering scrambled eggs to poached eggs. No one asks why its your favourite colour, or why you cook your eggs that way, and I’ve never heard anyone say ‘um, excuse me, but why do you want children, and two for that matter, what’s the point?’. Or at least no one I like has ever asked why.

So why do people feel it is appropriate to ask why we want to adopt a child?

We have our reasons, sure. The single most important reason we want to adopt a child is because we want to grow our family. It’s the same reason that some people have unprotected sex, do in vitro fertilization, or freeze their eggs for future use. Have you ever asked someone why they were trying to make a baby? The only difference between adoption and all these other methods is that the baby is already made.  I personally feel that the magic, beauty and sacredness of raising children remains the same no matter where they came from or how they were made.

Parenting is about raising new beautiful creative beings into this world so that they may contribute to our collective bright future. It is about building community,  teaching and learning, laughing and crying. It is about experiencing a love so complete and perfect that you never need the question why again.

So, why are we adopting? Because we want little Sir Riel to have a sibling. Because we want a family of four. Because every child deserves perfect complete love and we have that love to give.

Does that answer your question?


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3 Responses to Why adopt a child?

  1. That is a wonderful reason to adopt! The world needs more beautiful creative beings! What a great world if more people would do it!

  2. Dr. Sayers says:

    My personal favorite question while we were awaiting adoption: “Did you ever consider that you weren’t meant to be a mother?” Nice, huh?

    And, btw, my children (both of whom were adopted) are 21 months apart and did a fabulous job of entertaining each other when they were younger. Still do sometimes, even though they are 13 and 14 now.

    Hope you get to enjoy a peaceful breakfast before the quiet in the morning simply means you have two not-morning-people teenagers!

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