Twenty Thirteen

It is the first day of 2013. I went for a run, and we ate our traditional ‘first delicious meal’ of the year – roasted free-range chicken smothered in beer and persian spice.

2012 was a year of discoveries and reflections. Watching and witnessing my little Sir Riel discover the world has given me the joy of re-discovering life’s brilliance through a child’s innocent and and inquisitive eyes. Learning to crawl then walk, babble then talk, feeling the seasons shifting, tasting foods, hearing sounds, experimenting with boundaries, growing, learning to love, expressing emotions, – Sir Riel is soaking up the human experience like a sponge and I am reminded every day of all there is to be grateful for.


Lessons of 2012:

– Parenting is hard! Being a baby is hard! That’s okay. Just keep swimming.
– Compost is awesome! A good life is one that experiences the full range of human emotions – our capacity to feel sad, happy and everything in between is what makes our lives so rich. So when things are hard, sad, frustrating, challenging, think of it as compost. Roll around in it. Cover yourself in it. Rejoice knowing that it is from this raw filth that everything grows.
– Sauerkraut is easy to make! I followed this recipe: Beet and Cabbage Kraut
– New Ipods with fun apps = happiness.
– Sir Riel sleeps best when we have parties. We should have parties all the time.
– It’s worth talking to the band after a show. Check out our newest musician friend and business partner Taj Weekes.
– Vitamin B12 shots make me feel zingy, must get one before I go back to work!

Hopes and ‘resolutions’ for 2013:

– Back to work after 15 months of maternity leave – revel in the moments I have with my boy and enjoy the time where I get to be an adult again!
– Start and complete our Adoption Homestudy.
– Roll in the compost every so often, and the rest of the time take moments to smell the flowers.
– Continue to oppose the Enbridge Pipeline and speak out about Indigenous People’s (and everyone else’s) rights to an intact and healthy environment. More on this to come. Check out the Idle No More movement. 

We are in the Second Round of adoption paperwork. We are filling out medical forms, criminal record checks, writing autobiographies, drawing family maps, and doing some reflection on our childhoods. It is a lot of work, and very insightful. As part of an 11 page multiple choice questionnaire I had to check the boxes that best describe my childhood (pre-teen years). I checked happy, stubborn, self-confident, friendly, hyperactive, rebellious, outgoing, curious and thoughtful. I did not check the boxes for obedient, shy, compliant, or calm. Hmmm, I wonder why Sir Riel is so inquisitive!

Well, I wanted to get a post in on the first day of the year, and I did.

Hugs to all,




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oh you know, another mama who wants to share her news, observations, revelations, concerns, creations, and incantations about the world.
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