About this blog

This blog will be about the things I love, the things I learn, and the things I do that seem worth sharing.

MamaPutu will be about parenting my child who was born in October 2011 and about growing our family through adoption. We started our adoption process in November 2012 and the journey can take anywhere between one and four years or even more.

Becoming a mother and now wanting to grow our family has been a huge learning adventure and I have found sharing my experiences with friends and family to be helpful, healing, and enjoyable. I’ve also been told that sharing my experiences can be helpful for those who are going through similar things, and since I’m a ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ kinda gal, why not share it with the world? Maybe, just maybe, someone will read my blog and something I write will help them.

Natural health is also a favorite subject for me. I love learning about ways to take care of my family and my home that are gentle on the earth and gentle on the body. So I’ll blog about recipes, healing remedies, and simple tips for living ‘clean and green’.


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